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Written by Carson Hamill CIM®, CRPC®, Associate Financial Advisor & Assistant Branch Manager & Sonya Dolguina CPA, CPA (IL)

Carson and Sonya were featured in The Globe and Mail to write an article about how, if a Canadian tax resident ceases residency and relocates to the U.S., retaining their Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF), a clear understanding of tax rules in both countries is required. CLICK HERE to visit The Globe and Mail website and read.

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Written by Carson Hamill CIM®, CRPC®, Associate Financial Advisor & Assistant Branch Manager & Dean Moro BComm, CIM®, Financial Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager

In the domain of estate planning, the choice of an executor and trustee stands as a crucial decision, directly influencing the smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation. However, the growing global nature of Canadian families, driven by career aspirations and lifestyle preferences, introduces an added layer of complexity to this process. Specifically, if your selected executor resides in a foreign jurisdiction such as the United States, a range of issues may emerge, including tax implications, administrative hurdles, and portfolio management considerations.

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