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• RMD Rules for Inherited IRAs Delayed…Again
• Moving to Canada With a Health Savings Account (HSA) - What You Need To Know
• Qualifying for Both Social Security and CPP - What You Need to Know
• What happens to an RRSP when a client relocates to the U.S.?
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• Discounted Bonds vs. GICs: Maximizing After-Tax Returns
• Reasons to Consider transferring your 401k to a Rollover IRA
• Social Security, CPP and OAS: What Happens When You Have Worked on Both Sides of the Border
• Cross-Border Wealth Management: Five Things To Know Before Moving From Canada to the U.S.
• Moving from Canada to the United States with Canadian Investment Accounts
• Comprehensive Reporting and Investment Expertise for Americans in Canada
• The Raymond James Advantage – Comprehensive Tax Reporting for U.S. Persons Residing in Canada
• Understanding Gift Tax: Your Obligations and When it Applies
• Consolidating Your TIAA Account
• Inheriting a Roth IRA: What You Need to Know
• The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
• The Top 5 Reasons to Keep Your IRA Instead of Transferring to an RRSP
• 60(j) Transfer: Should You Transfer Your U.S. Qualified Plan to an RRSP?
What to Do as a U.S. Individual Inheriting Canadian Dollars
The Implications of Using a U.S. Address on Investment Accounts When Moving Abroad
Are you considered a Covered or Uncovered Expatriate?
Required Minimum Distributions: FAQ
Crossing Borders and Maximizing Investments: Navigating Your Finances
Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP): What you need to Know
Restricted Stock Units (RSUs): A Comprehensive Guide
FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report): Top things to know about FBAR
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BACKDOOR ROTH IRA – What Is It & When Does It Make Sense
California Residents: Your Canadian retirement savings accounts DO NOT Grow Tax Free
Understanding Inherited IRAs
What To Do With Your U.S. Taxable Investment Accounts When You Become A Canadian Resident
Why You Should Work with A Cross Border Financial Adviser
Roth IRA: Moving To Canada with your Roth IRA
Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to Canada
U.S. Person Buying a Home in Canada
Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) and Why You Should Avoid Them
401(k) to IRA Rollover

Written by The Private Client Solutions group of Raymond James Ltd.,

Planning a move south of the border? The charms of the United States are obvious: career opportunities, booming manufacturing industry, top-ranked universities and warmer climate, compared to Canada’s. No matter your reasons, picking up and moving to the U.S. from Canada can be an exciting journey that opens up a world of possibilities. But navigating the complexities such a big move brings can be daunting without proper planning or the support of a trusted cross-border financial advisor.

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Written by Dean Moro BComm, CIM®, Associate Financial Advisor & Carson Hamill CIM®, CRPC®, Associate Financial Advisor and Assistant Branch Manager

Embarking on a cross-border journey entails more than just a change of scenery; it requires a strategic approach to managing your financial assets. At Snowbirds Wealth Management, we specialize in cross-border investment management, particularly for Americans moving to Canada. In this blog, we will shed light on three key aspects that set us apart: comprehensive reporting for U.S. persons in Canada, specialized solutions for residents with U.S. retirement accounts, and our expertise in navigating complex cross-border asset management issues.

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